The National MicroCar Rally

Britain's biggest Microcar event

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The National MicroCar Rally - Britain's biggest Microcar event

The Ethos of the NMCR
- Why we do it, and the standards we uphold

The Rally Fund

From 1996, it was agreed that three people (then known as "trustees", nowadays known as "administrators") should hold the National Rally finances, and paperwork associated with running rally. This would help co-ordinate future rallies, aid individual clubs costs of financing a rally, without using their own funds.

Over the years, the National Microcar Rally has built up a fund to provide money for the "up front" needs of organisers, who are not required to use their own resources, or those of their club, to pay for any part of the costs.

The rally is not expected to make a profit for the organiser. It is not a commercial event. The organiser should aim to cover the costs of the rally, to repay the fund, and if possible to make a modest surplus to ensure that the following year's rally is on a sound financial footing.

The fund is administered at present by: Grant Kearney, Jenny Dilks and Nick Haddon.

If you might be involved in organising a future rally, you should consult the Administrators at an early stage in the planning, so that they can outline what funds and equipment, etc, are available.

See also: Organising a National MicroCar Rally
and: the NMCR Constitution.

All involved in the NMCR do a lot of work
- and free, just for the fun of a good rally!

The very first rally, way back in 1975, was the result of a misunderstanding ...

The Multi-Make Three-Wheeler Rally, as that one was known, became the Annual Micro-Car Rally for 1976, and a two-day event from 1978. By the early 1980s, there had been a huge increase in interest surrounding microcars and several one-make clubs had formed, as well as the Register of Unusual Microcars (RUMcars).

By 1982, when it had become the National Microcar Rally, it was clear the rally could no longer be organised by one person and a committee was formed from interested enthusiasts and Club representatives.

NMCR Administrators' Role and Responsibilities