The National MicroCar Rally

Britain's biggest Microcar event

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The National MicroCar Rally - Britain's biggest Microcar event

Can I come too?

Sure you can: we welcome visitors!

Bringing a microcar?
Want to spend the whole weekend?

Those with microcars, and those representing the various microcar clubs, tend to attend for the whole weekend, if they can (but there’s no rule on having to do it all). Camping is usually available on site (see the "home" page, for details of the next rally and how to book).  And we're always particularly keen to welcome microcars and microcar enthusiasts from other countries.

Day Visitors

On the Friday and Saturday, many of the cars will be out and about on road-runs, so the Sunday – when the cars are lined up on display – is the best day for a good close-up look.

Depending on the location, there’s often a small entry charge for day visitors.

Remember: each car is someone’s pride and joy, and they’ll have put in a lot of hard work. So … look, and feel free to ask lots of questions, but please … don’t touch, without asking the owner’s permission first!

The Tryane II

Inspired by the work of aerodynamicist Frank Costin, Tryane II was built from scratch by the aptly named furniture maker Friend Wood. The body of this sleek, smooth machine is made up from dozens of strips of mahogany veneers, built up in three layers and glued together with epoxy resin.

Said to reduce rolling drag by 25%, 2000 hours of work have produced one of the slipperiest microcars possible, allowing the 602cc Citroen 2CV engine to drive the car up to 90mph while at the same time sipping petrol at the rate of 60-70mpg.

1954 Citroen 2CV Brochure

The Tryane I, had a somewhat more conventional body with Citroen Dyane front wings and grill. Again, the running gear was largely 2CV based, and like Tryane II, utilised aspects of boatbuilding in the construction of it's lightweight bodywork.