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The NMCR's Constitution

- the formal statement of what we're trying to do!

We believe it's useful to have a formal statement of what the NMCR is set up to achieve.  We call this the Constitution, and it's designed to help everyone who organises and supports the rallies to keep continuity from one year to the next. Shown below is the Constitution as last updated, in October 2019.

Bond Minicar at Lake Garda in Italy

A Bond Mk G Tourer, on holiday at Lake Garda in Italy, 2003

  1. The Title
    The title of the organisation shall be known as the: National MicroCar Rally and might well be referred to as:  NMCR.  For the purposes of this document the term NMCR will be used
  2. Objectives
    To provide an annual rally specifically aimed at Microcars and Bubblecars and their owners.  The rally will be held in the UK and in the month of September. The rally is to promote the use of Microcars and Bubblecars as a recreational/leisure activity.
  3. Administrators
    Three Fund Administrators are required to be appointed to safeguard the interests of the NMCR and its fund.  The duties of the Administrators are:
    • Safeguard and maintain the fund to ensure the long term financial viability of the rally
    • Actively promote and recruit the organiser(s) to run the rally each year
    • Provide support and assistance to the rally organiser(s) as required
    • Organise and promote a Review meeting each year after the rally, in the months of October or November
    • Maintain finance records and present those at the Review meeting
    • Maintain the NMCR website to promote the rally and provide an archive
    • Provide the prizes in the categories of ‘Metal Cars, Plastic Cars, Long Distance, Best in Show,
       'Concours de Grot' and ‘Spirit of the National Award’
    • Take an active role at the Prize giving ceremony to ensure that all runs smoothly and to take some of the pressure off the rally organiser
    • Maintain records of returnable trophies and ensure these are returned for the following year's rally
    • Spend funds as thought appropriate to support the Rally.
    • To look after and ensure safe return of all rally equipment and replace items as deemed necessary
    • Ensure proof of Public Liability Insurance to cover the whole period including set-up, rally and breakdown is seen prior to the Rally
    • Enforce the NMCR code of conduct
    • Ensure that proper responsibility for H&S issues is taken during the Rally period
    • Deal accordingly with any participant(s) who, by their actions, bring the Rally or its Organiser(s) / Administrators
        into disrepute - e.g. through inconsiderate, abusive or dangerous behaviour.

    Administrators are to be voted into post at the Review meeting with all club representatives having voting capacity.
    Administrators can remain in post for up to 3 years before standing for re-election.
    One Administrator must be up for re-election at each Review meeting.
    Prospective Administrators can propose themselves.
    Administrators are authorised to co-opt others to assist them in their duties as they see the need.
  4. Meetings of the Administrators
    The Administrators shall meet as when required to do so.  If required they can communicate via telephone or e-mail if more convenient.
  5. NMCR Review Meeting
    The annual Review meeting will be held in the month of October or November at a time, date and venue decided by the Administrators and shall:
    • Review minutes from the previous year's meeting
    • Debrief of the annual rally
    • Note points arising from the annual Rally Administrators’ report which will include a full financial break down
    • Election of an Administrator
    • Discuss the following year's rally and appoint an organiser by vote
    • Any other business
    • In addition to the above any club representative can submit items for the agenda to the Administrators in writing
        and no less than 21 days before the meeting
    • The administrators have the responsibility to advertise the Review meeting and ensure that all clubs have appropriate representatives present.
  6. The Annual Rally
    The event shall be referred to and advertised as the ‘National MicroCar Rally’ and will be held in the month of September. If the organiser wishes to attract visitors from overseas, then the term ‘inter’ can preface the title.
    All rally advertising must make use of the NMCR logo and be obvious that it refers to the National MicroCar Rally and not the organiser(s) or any other organisation.
    The rally can be organised by a club, a club representative, an individual, a group of individuals or the administrators.
    The administrators will do their best to ensure that an offer comes forward at the Review meeting to host the following year's rally.  Those offering to host the rally will put forward their written plan of ideas, dates, venue and a costing to the review meeting where all club representatives and Administrators shall vote.  If successful the organiser(s) shall then comply with the constitution and requests of the Administrators.
    If no offer comes forward at the review meeting then Administrators are to actively seek an organiser through advertising and personal contacting.  The Administrators can then by majority vote appoint a rally organiser.  Administrators are only empowered to appoint a rally organiser after the review meeting if no offer has been accepted by majority vote.
    If a Rally organiser withdraws their offer after the review meeting then the administrators are to actively seek an organiser through advertising and personal contacting.  The Administrators can then by majority vote appoint a rally organiser.
  7. Funding
    Over the years, the National Microcar Rally has built up a fund to provide money for the "up front" needs of organisers, who are not required to use their own resources, or those of their club, to pay for any part of the costs.
    The rally is not expected to make a profit for the organiser(S).  It is not a commercial event.  The organiser should aim to cover the costs of the rally, to repay the fund, and if possible to make a modest surplus to ensure that the following year's rally is on a sound financial footing.
    The Administrators will allocate funds as requested by the rally organiser(s) providing they are getting the best value for money and will provide full receipts for accounting purposes. The administrators have the right to refuse funding if they, as a majority perceive it not to be in the best interests of the NMCR fund.
    The rally organiser has the responsibility to do all the costings and ensure they are getting best value for money.  Full support with by given by the Administrators based on previous years' experience.  A full financial break down will be required at the Review meeting and this must be provided by the rally organiser with support from the administrators.
    Under the supervision of the Administrators, all monies shall be banked in an account in the name of the NMCR, and no withdrawals or payments shall be made from this account unless initially authorised by the Administrators.
  8. NMCR Activities and the Law
    All persons participating in NMCR activities shall be subject to the laws of the land and the act of participating in an organised event does not exclude participants and their vehicles from complying with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act. All those making use of the recognised site must comply with the Countryside code, Caravan code, Marine Conservation Society as highlighted in the NMCR Code of Conduct.
  9. Alteration of the Constitution
    Any alterations to these rules may be made at the Review meeting provided that details of the proposed alteration or alterations are included in the Agenda and that the resolution proposing such alteration is carried by two thirds of those eligibly to vote.
  10. Dissolution
    The NMCR maybe dissolved by a Special General Meeting convened by the administrators. If the resolution of dissolution be duly passed, the administrators shall forthwith liquidate the affairs of the NMCR and if there be any surplus assets upon realisation, these shall be disposed of at the direction of the Administrators to a charity or charities nominated by the existing Administrators at the General Committee Meeting.

          (Click here for a pdf of the National MicroCar Rally Constitution )

          (Click here for a pdf of the National MicroCar Rally Camping Policy )