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The 2015 NMCR - Photo Gallery

         -  These pictures have been sent in by visitors to the 2015 Rally, near Warwick

The 2015 rally was organised by members of the Frisky Register, led by Malcolm Dudley, and based at Hatton Country World, near Warwick.  Road runs included the Transport Museum at Coventry, and a tour of Warwickshire, with time spent in Stratford upon Avon.

The rally ran from Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 September, with the road runs on the Friday and Saturday, Sunday being
"show day", with all the cars on public display at the campsite.

The photos below show many of the cars attending.

Can you help with more photos??
As usual, we'll have missed some of the cars which attended.  If you have photos of the cars we've missed, or any of the cars out in action on the road runs (all taken during the rally, please) -  let us know by sending them to

(And if you have uploaded videos from the Rally to YouTube, or anywhere else on the web, let us know, and we'll publish links to those.)

Some cars aren't named - and others may be misnamed!  If you can fill in or correct the details then, again, do let us know!



On the Friday Road Run, Microcars drove to Coventry and parked up around the forecourt of the Transport Museum - where they soon began to attract the attentions of the passing public.

On the Sunday, the microcars lined up for display in the Rally Field:

AC Petite

Photo: Martin Broadribb


Berkeley Cars were made by the Berkeley caravan company, who also made the tidy little "Caravette" model below:

BMW BMW 700 Coupe
Bond Mk G Tourer Mk D  Deluxe
Mk F Tourer Mk G Tourer
Mk G Saloon Mk D Family Deluxe
Mk C Family Deluxe Mk B
Mk C Family Deluxe

A famous Mk G Twin Estate

(In 1963, this car was driven 1000 miles in 24 hours, as a publicity stunt  arranged by the Bond factory)

Mk D Standard Mk G Twin Estate
Mk F Tourer

Photo: Stuart Cyphus

Bond Bug
Comtesse Comtesse Super Mini Mini Comtesse

Photo: Stuart Cyphus


Photo: Martin Broadribb

A pair of 126s

A 500 and another 126


This was the year of the Frisky!  It's a rare model but, with the rally this year being organised by members of the Frisky Register, extra effort was expended in trying to get together as many Friskys as possible. The aim, at the rally, was to bring together a record number.  The previous record was 12 - and there were FIFTEEN at this year's rally!


All fifteen Friskys lined up at the front of the Rally field:

Heinkel / Trojan


The two-tone-turquoise cars above and below are a development of the Isetta, known as the "BMW 600" - these have the same kind of front door, but are full four-wheelers and four-seaters.  Their extended length allows a rear bench seat and one side door (on the right hand side).  They have a flat-twin engine, of 582cc.  In two years, from 1957 to 1959,  34,813 were built.
A highly-modified version
Lloyd Lloyd Alexander (The LLoyd is pictured with its owner, Udo Jürgens, who drove it here from Germany)
Lomax 223 Super Sports Lomaxes are "kit cars", using a Citroen 2CV, or Dyane, to provide the mechanical basis.
The three-wheel models are the "Kabinrollers", with a single-cylinder engine.  The rarer four-wheeled version is the Tg500, unofficially known as the Tiger, with a twin-cylinder engine of 493cc

See the black car above (registration TG500!) and red car to the left.

Norsjo Shopper  

The front canopy swings forward to let you in, then provides shelter from the wind and rain
... as long as you keep moving.

"Opened" picture courtesy Stuart Cyphus

NSU Prinz Prinz Sport

Photo: Martin Broadribb

NSU/Fiat Weinsberg
Reliant Reliant Kitten, in van form. 

Some 250 of these were made, of which about 15 are currently still on the road.

Regal Saloon

People often say "Robin Reliant" - but did you know that there's no such thing?

In Only Fools and Horses, Del Boy has a Reliant REGAL van.  A completely different car was the Reliant Robin.  Called "Reliant Robin", not "Robin Reliant"!

Yes, it's a motorhome.  It's a micro-motorhome!

These campers were commercially produced, based on the Reliant Fox van, also present at the rally, and shown below.

Reliant Fox van
Scootacar Mark 1 Mark 2
smart smart for two smart Roadster
Tourette This simply delicious car was restored over a period of eight years by its owner Bob Purton.

Tourettes were built between 1956 and 1958, by Carr Brothers (later Progress Supreme Company) in London.  It's thought that only 26 were made.

Not Exactly Micros ...
... but lovely to see them there, anyway:

Ford Consul Classic,
and VW "Splitty" campervan



Car Winner
Berkeley Best 3-wheeler T60 YSL 701 Graham Higgs
Best 4-wheeler Sports 328 485 UXP Mike Stringer
Bond 1st Mk F Tourer NCK 383 Nick Mander
2nd Mk B EX 7285 Dennis Jump

3rd Mk C Family WKP 249 Rob Hadley
Bond Bug 1st Bond Bug DAX 560K Patrick Devaney
2nd Bond Bug WPT 691L Ken Bell
3rd Bond Bug BRL 419K Terry Horwell
Used & Abused Bond Bug NTM 419K Jimmy Lardner
Furthest Travelled Bond Bug CDP 58K Barrie Allen
Best Modified
Bond Bug KTG 749L Adrian Taylor
Frisky 1st Sport UUK 421 Malcolm Dudley
2nd Sport BFV 202B Carl Barnard
3rd Family Three 337 CKA Colin Estrop
Heinkel - 1st Trojan 401 TDE Andy Leery
Trojan 2nd Trojan BMP 79A Paul Wren
3rd Trojan RVV 282 Alan Fisher
Driven to Event Trojan BMP79A Paul Wren
Isetta 1st Isetta 300 6911 PO Dave Watson
2nd Isetta 300 321 FRT Lee Turnham
3rd Isetta 300 901 UYL Ian Parris
Restoration of the year Isetta 300 901 UYL Ian Parris
Spirit Award
Isetta 300 597 AEL Brian Chadwick
Messerschmitt 1st KR200 VUF 886 Michael Harris
2nd KR200 ME 200 Adam Quellin

3rd KR200 47 AON Martin Keene
Metal Class 1st Weinsburg Coupé ONW 122B Roger Westcott
2nd BMW 700 763 FXV John Bannell

3rd Lloyd Alexander CE-JJ-844 Udo Jürgens
Plastic Class 1st Nobel 200 YUL 102 Mike Clarihew
2nd Tourette Special XYH 226 Bob Purton

3rd Lomax YSU 191 Tom Lucas
Concours de Grot
BMW Isetta SHV 946 Craig Knight
People's Choice:
"Best in Show" Tourette Special XYH 226 Bob Purton
Furthest UK  (220 miles) Reliant Regal DCS 561C Jason Heather
Europe (500 km) Lloyd Alexander CE-JJ-844 Udo Jürgens
Spirit of the National Nick Haddon

We'll be adding more photos and details here, as they come in - pop back and check on progress!

Do you have pictures of missing cars, or - especially -
good pictures from the Road Runs??? 
Do let us know!

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Last updated 21-December-2015