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The 2013 NMCR - Photo Gallery
         - Visitors have sent us these pictures of cars at the 2013 Rally in Malvern

Organised by Nick Haddon and his team from the Heinkel Trojan Club, the National MicroCar Rally 2013 was based at the Three Counties Showground, under the magnificent backdrop of the Malvern Hills.

The rally ran from Thursday 29 August to Sunday 1 September, and had four days of excellent, sunny weather.

Friday's Road Run took the cars on a visit to the Weston Cider factory and visitor centre at Much Marcle in Herefordshire, and the Saturday run to the National Trust property Croome Court - the historic home of the Earls of Coventry, and Capability Brown's very first landscaping commission.

On Sunday - "show day" - all the cars were on public display at the campsite.

The photos below show many of the cars attending.

As usual, we'll have missed many of the cars which attended.  If you have photos of the cars we've missed, or any of the cars out in action on the road runs (all taken during the rally, please) -  let us know by sending them to

(And if you have uploaded videos from the Rally to YouTube, or anywhere else on the web, let us know, and we'll publish links to those.)

Some cars aren't named - and others may be misnamed!  If you can fill in or correct the details then, again, do let us know!

James May, on site to record parts
 of a future television show

The Showground - a great place to display the cars, to swap info and parts, and relax, all in the lee of those lovely Malvern Hills!

The rare AC "Petite"



(and an Autobianchi)

Bond G Engine 4
 D Family 44
(and micro-dog)
5G Saloon (and "Buick" pedal car!)
3F Saloon and G

G,G,G,F,G and C4

Bond Bug

The simply wonderful "Rollera"

To quote from Wikipedia:

Brütsch Rollera 1956-1958
A single-seat, 3-wheeled roadster, powered by a single-cylinder 98 cc Fichtel & Sachs engine driving through a 3-speed gearbox.  Top speed was around 54 mph and eight cars were produced.


Fiat 500


A 1955 Fuldamobil S4  (It's small, but the seats fold to a double bed ...)


    Goggomobil Coupe


In all the pictures sent in for us to choose from, the Gordon was BY FAR the most popular subject - at about one Gordon picture for every three others!

A little feature on the Gordon, then ...

The Gordon was built between 1954 and 1958 by Vernon Industries Ltd - yes, the football pools company!

Prototype models had two seats, but production vehicles, from April 1954, had two hammock seats in the back for children.

The Villiers 197 cc engine is mounted on the right-hand side (normally under a cover), and drives just the right-hand rear wheel, via a chain.  It has electric start, turning the flywheel by means of a rubber belt.

The main attraction of the car was the price - at £269.17.9d including purchase tax, it was (by quite a bit) the cheapest car on sale in Britain.

Although both driver and engine were on the right, road tests of the time claimed this didn't much affect handling, and that both comfort and performance were impressive (!)

A Lands End to John O' Groats run by the manufacturers claimed 62.5 mpg.

VERY few remain.

Heinkel & Trojan



3A real Kleinschnittger ...

... and an impressive replica4

Lloyd 3A Lloyd Alexander which is regularly driven to this rally from Germany ...

... and one which lives in the UK4



In three-wheel (KR200) version ...

... and as the 4-wheel Tiger

Secma T3 "Fun Runner" - what happens when you upgrade a true microcar Secma to 1400cc - and performance to match.

A 1927 Morgan

A rare Weinsburg Coupe and, on the right, an Austin Seven - a 1936 "New Ruby"?

Nissan Pao (Although, at ¾ tonne and 1 Litre, this is no true "microcar", it was good to see this unusual model at the show.)

NSU Prinz
BMW 700 convertible
NSU Sport Prinz
Goggomobil van




Peel 50 - in prototype (single front wheel) and production (single rear wheel) versions.

3The same cars, alongside a brace of Peel Tridents

A family group, around a prototype chassis for yet another kind of Peel - the Peel Yacht Car, designed to be road transport for four people, but mostly transported on board a yacht.
Reliant  A rare sighting, here, of the Regal "21E" model - incorporating 21 "Extras" as standard.  And here's the full, rather desperate, list:
1  Metallic paint finish
2  Carpet-covered heelboards
3  Carpeted footwell surrounds
4  Interior paintwork matched the exterior
5  Luxury interior trim fittings
6  Ammeter
7  Chrome plated boot hinges
8  Oil pressure gauge
9  Padded, swivelling sun visors
10  Chromed over-riders front and rear
11  Lucas spotlight
12  Lucas fog light
13  Chromed hub caps
14  Decorative full circle wheel trims for rear wheels
15  Locking petrol cap
16  Twin fully adjustable spring-back wing mirrors
17  Spare wheel
18  Spare wheel cover
19  Simulated leather steering wheel glove
20  Chrome-plated bonnet hinges
21  Chrome filler strip in all window surrounds

Mark 2 ........................ and Mark 1


We'll be adding more photos and details here, as they come in - pop back and check on progress!

Do you have pictures from the Road Runs???

Do let us know!


2013 Results!

Individuals voted within their categories, and all present were invited to vote on 'Best in Show'.  At the end of the rally, the votes were counted and trophies presented to the winners:

Category Award

Winning Car

Model Owner

See you next year!

Berkeley Enthusiasts Club

Best 4-Wheeler

WJN 896 B105 G Higgs

Best 3-Wheeler

LFO 422 T60 P Tetley
Bond Owners Club 1st 385 BHP Mk G Twin Estate M May
2nd CDP 360C Mk G Tourer D Miller
3rd 466 AET Mk G Estate J Johnson
Bug Club 1st CDP 58K Bug B Allen
2nd WPT 691L Bug K Bell
3rd BRL 419K Bug T Horwell
Best Modified LAF 502L Bug K Polkinghorne
Furthest Travelled (431 miles) BRL 419K Bug T Horwell
Used and Abused SGX 469L Bug R Lynas
Heinkel Trojan Club 1st 785 RBM Trojan R Emerson
2nd VVS 630 Heinkel P Bullar
3rd RVV 282 Trojan A Fisher

Greatest Distance Travelled to Rally (From South Africa!) ...... 

B Baker
Isetta Owners Club 1st 6911 PO Isetta 300 D Watson
2nd 321 FRT Isetta 300 L Turnham
3rd 597 AEL Isetta 300 B Chadwick

Spirit Award

UYU 876 J Green
Messerschmitt Owners Club 1st UOU 361 TG500 Roadster P Houghton
2nd SWV 646 KR201 Roadster W Jones
3rd XLJ 285 TG500 M Thomas
Metal Class 1st 763 FXV BMW 700 J Bannell
2nd ONW 122B Weinsburg Coupe R Westcott
3rd OJG 365 Goggomobil Coupe M O'Ballance
Plastic Class 1st ARH 890K Reliant Regal 21E L Pedwell
2nd GME 62B Peel P50 G Hillman
3rd 861 HLG Frisky Family 3 R & J Dilks
Best in Show 763 FXV BMW 700 J Bannell
Concours de Grot 216 EKF Berkeley T60 M Archer
Longest Driven (Europe) 500 miles Lloyd Alexander TS Udo Jürgens
Spirit of The National Award Lawrence House

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