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Microcars at the NEC - 2010

The NMCR regularly organises a display of Microcars at the Classic Motor Show, held in November each year at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

The 2010 Show

A view of our 2010 Stand

Once again the NMCR had a stand at the NEC show. This year's theme for the whole show was ‘Records’, so on display we had the world’s smallest cars. These were: Peel P50, Brutsch Mopetta and Peel Trident. All three were displayed on raised plinths that were decorated with vinyl records (get it?) which ensured they were never out of the public’s gaze.

Continuing the small theme were rarities such as the Rollera, the Lambretta-engined Mink prototype and the Frisky Family 3. However, the smallest vehicles on the stand and in the entire show were the two MiniMicros launched to the public by creators Alan (he of Bamby fame) and Emma Evans. These are ⅔ scale reproductions of the Messerschmitt KR201 and Tg500 and they created enormous interest to microcar enthusiast and public alike.

Joining us in Hall 3 were the Heinkel Trojan Club, who had 4 cars and a beautiful Scooter on display, and the Isetta Club who had on show a Berkeley T60, Messerschmitt KR200 and a BMW 700, along with several Isettas.

A big "thank you" to all who kindly provided vehicles and brought them to the NEC, to those who were on the stand over 3 long days, to all the Microcar clubs who provided us with magazines and literature and finally to Hucknall Van hire who very kindly provided us with a Luton van to transport the cars and display material.

We aim to be there again in 2011 with another display of the finest and rarest Microcars.

Jenny, Grant & Grenville
NMCR Fund Administrators

A view of our 2010 Stand

Front row: Mink and the two MiniMicros Back row: Peel Trident, Peel P50, Brutsch Mopetta

A view of our 2010 Stand

Front right: Brutsch Rollera

A view of our 2010 Stand

Front right: Frisky Family 3

A view of our 2010 Stand

The MiniMicro reproduction of a Messerschmitt TG500

A view of our 2010 Stand

The Peel P50, proving that size doesn't matter ...

A view of our 2010 Stand

The smallest cars in the world - Peel Trident, Peel P50, Brutsch Mopetta

A view of our 2010 Stand

Modern and not small at all - but very useful! Thanks to Hucknall Van Hire for use of the Luton van.

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