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Microcars at the NEC - 2012

The NMCR regularly organises a display of Microcars at the Classic Motor Show,
held in November each year at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

The 2012 Show
- and we won, again!

This year the Classic Motor Show was simply huge - up from last year's five halls to eleven!

The National MicroCar Rally's stand itself had space for just seven cars, but it was right alongside the stands of the Heinkel-Trojan Club and the Isetta Owners Club, giving the public a really good opportunity to have a close look at microcars and chat to their owners.

Of course, we thought our stand was good ... but so did the Show's sponsors, Classic & Sports Car Magazine and Lancaster Insurance.

At the Friday-evening awards ceremony in the NEC Hilton, they presented our stand organiser, Jenny Dilks, with the silver salver for "Most Interesting Selection of Cars":

That's another trophy for our collection, and confirmation that people really do find these cars fascinating.

The cars we had on the stand are shown below, with the details that were on the card next to each one.

A big Thank You to:

  •  all who kindly loaned their vehicles and brought them to the NEC,
  •  those who manned the stands over the three show days,
  •   all the Microcar clubs who provided us with magazines and literature

and of course to all those microcar fans and others who came to the stand and chatted to us.  We hope you enjoyed the show.


The cars on the Stand

This year we had microcars from (Bond Mark) A to Z (for Zundapp):

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Last updated 21-December-2015