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The 2014 NMCR - Photo Gallery
         -  These pictures have been sent in by visitors to the 2014 Rally in Wetherby

Organised by the very active microcar club "The Micro Maniacs", the National MicroCar Rally 2014 was based at Wetherby Racecourse, with road runs to the National Railway Museum in York, and out into the Yorkshire Dales.

The rally ran from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 September, with the road runs on the Friday and Saturday, Sunday being
"show day", with all the cars on public display at the racecourse.

The photos below show many of the cars attending.

Can you help with more photos??

As usual, we'll have missed many of the cars which attended.  If you have photos of the cars we've missed, or any of the cars out in action on the road runs (all taken during the rally, please) -  let us know by sending them to

(And if you have uploaded videos from the Rally to YouTube, or anywhere else on the web, let us know, and we'll publish links to those.)

Some cars aren't named - and others may be misnamed!  If you can fill in or correct the details then, again, do let us know!

Micronauts showing us just how light a Peel Trident is!

Scenes from the road runs


This year was the fortieth National MicroCar Rally, and the programme included a foreword from the organiser of the very first event, Tony Marshall:

"Good grief, the fortieth National Microcar Rally.  Can it really be so long ago that I, with a great deal of assistance from a small group of friends, nervously took the first steps to initiate an annual event specifically for owners of microcars?  Not that it has lasted this long without change.

That first rally was billed as a "Multi-Make Three Wheeler Rally" because I honestly didn't know how else I could describe the planned event.  I honestly didn't take into account the wishes of owners of the four-wheeled Frisky, Isetta, Tg500, Berkeley and other types.  To overlook such vehicles must rank right up at the top of the list of regrets and if I didn't apologise enough at the time, I would like to rectify that omission here and now.  I also confess that I never expected visitors from overseas -  another apology.  Subsequent rallies have introduced us to an unbelievable selection of wondrous vehicles that render the present day offerings of many car makers somewhat lacking in the Fun Quotient.

I have been singularly lucky to have actually owned some of the rarest (if not necessarily most desirable) types, and although there are but a couple left now (and they are scheduled to move on soon), I will always value the memories.

But this shouldn't be just about the cars.  What we should be doing is celebrating the people.  I am so proud to be associated with an amazingly caring and genuinely nice body of people.  Their motoring ambitions may be small but their hearts are not.

It was my intention to be with you all at the Rally this weekend but circumstances prevent this.  But I will be with you in my thoughts and extend my thanks and admiration for all of those who have picked up the baton and run with it year after year to keep the National Rally running, to keep on building up a wealth of knowledge through the publication of magazines and running of clubs, to spend so much time and effort to keep the microcar movement alive and thriving and to maintain the bright future that seems assured every September when the National Rally weekend arrives.

To you all, my thanks and appreciation.

Tony Marshall"





A smart 700 Coupe

Bond Bug


A couple of Copens

Goggomobil A Goggomobil Coupe, pictured here with its owner, Andreas Engel, and the prizes it won, including "People's Choice - Best in Show"

You can see Andreas's pictures, and the story of his travel from Germany to the Rally, at:

And this Goggomobil TL401 Van did well, too, winning first prize in the "Metal" Class, and the prize for furthest driven to the event.

Pictured here is the owner Christian Fuss, who drove the van 580 miles to the Rally!

Well done the Goggos!

Heinkel / Trojan

Messerschmitt Tiger
(the 4-wheel, 500cc version of the Messerschmitt))

Two Schmitts show how to
use just one parking space!


?? - let us know what this is, please!

The delicious (and expensive!) Ecomobile

(Most of) a Mochet

A lovely Renault

The "Plastics" class



Scootacar and ...

... interior


(Above) NSU Prinz Saloon and (centre, right) Coupe



Assorted Reliants, including ...

 ... a "chopper"!

Vespa 400

William Van

Not exactly Microcars ...

... but great fun!  The rally was visited this year by a selection of vehicles that don't count as microcars, but certainly drew attention:

(Left) Classic Commer Campers, and

(Above) a micro caravan that you don't argue with!



Car Winner
Berkeley Best 3-wheeler T60 24 FKF Colin Pears
Best 4-wheeler Sports 322 314 UYF Geoff Dabrowa

Charles Panter Cup Sports 322 314 UYF Geoff Dabrowa
Bond 1st Mark B TPU 910 Tony Searle
2nd Mark F 549 EAE Susan Steanson

3rd Mark D 339 XUS Ken & Rhona Bell
Bond Bug 1st Bond Bug DAX 560K Patrick Devaney
2nd Bond Bug BRL 419K Terry Horwell
3rd Bond Bug CNT 994L Andy Cox
Used & Abused Bond Bug NTM 419K Jimmy Lardner

Furthest Travelled Bond Bug BRL 419K Terry Horwell
Heinkel - Trojan 1st Heinkel 1-MGC-626 AndrewMeynckens
2nd Trojan UYR 374 Peter Jones
3rd Trojan BMP 79A Paul Wren

Driven to Event Trojan BMP 79A Paul Wren
Isetta 1st Isetta 300 RBR 144 Graham Dewhurst
2nd Isetta 300 597 AEL Brian Chadwick
3rd Isetta 300 XOE 23 David Carle

Restoration of the year Isetta 300 651 KUO Mike Paxton
Messerschmitt 1st KR200 SWV 646 Wynford Jones
2nd KR200 382 HAU Colin Burton

3rd KR200 OER 531 Yvonne Jaques
Metal Class 1st Goggo TL401 MO-STL-401 Christian Fuss
2nd BMW 700 763 FXV John Bannell

3rd Goggo Coupe SU-GO-250 Andreas Engel
Plastic Class 1st Peel Trident 4497 VZ Rory Carter
2nd Frisky Sport 269 YUP Ray & Jenny Dilks

3rd Scootacar 679 NBJ Keith Mellors
Concours de Grot
Nobel 200 914 HLR Graham Johnston
People's Choice:
"Best in Show" Goggo Coupe SU-GO-250 Andreas Engel
Furthest UK  (473 miles) Bond Bug BRL 419K Terry Horwell
Europe  (580 miles) Goggo TL401 MO-STL-401 Christian Fuss
Spirit of the National Dan Phillips

You can see more Rally photos at: 2014 nmcr 40th photos rally.htm

or (same photos):

Some of those photos have been used above, and are credited as "Images created by Simon GP Geoghegan".

We'll be adding more photos and details here, as they come in - pop back and check on progress!

Do you have pictures of missing cars, or pictures from the Road Runs???

Do let us know!

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Last updated 21-December-2015