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The 2012 NMCR - Photo Gallery
         - Some of the cars seen at the 2012 Rally in Great Yarmouth

The National MicroCar Rally 2012 was hosted by the East Anglian Microcar Club, with principal organisers Tony Pettingill and Martin Galea.

Based at Rose Farm Touring Park in Belton (one of the best campsites so far used by the NMCR), the rally ran from Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 September, and had four days of simply superb weather.

The Friday Road Run took the cars on a trip into Great Yarmouth, stopping at Great Yarmouth Potteries, set within the old 'town walls', and culminating in a display of cars set out on the sea front.  Joining us for the run was journalist and broadcaster Andy Kershaw, who was making a documentary for Radio 4, on the British microcars of the 1950s.

The longer Saturday road run, with some 70 cars attending, visited Reedham Ferry (where we managed to get 6 microcars at a time onto the tiny 3-vehicle chain-ferry), and then on to lunch at Wroxham Barns. A choice of return route gave the more intrepid owners chance to add some extra miles and call in on the Horsey Windpump.

Sunday was, as usual, "show day", with all the cars on public display at the campsite.

The photos below show many of the cars attending.

We've missed loads of the cars!  If you have photos of the cars we've missed (taken during the rally, please) - let us know!

Some aren't named - and others may be misnamed!  If you can fill in or correct the details then, again, do let us know!

Two Scootacars and a Messerschmitt
take in the views near Great Yarmouth

A well-packed field:

Assorted microcars in the "Metal" and "Plastic" classes

NSU Prinz Coupe
Goggomobil Estate
Goggomobil Saloon
2 Goggomobil Coupes
AC Petite

Raleigh Safety Seven

Fiat 500s and 126s

Fiat 126s

Bond Bugs line up back-to-back
with Bond Minicars

Opening canopies and swivelling engines catch quite a bit of interest!

The true "bubble cars":
Isettas, Heinkels, Trojans
and Messerschmitts

Many owners camped at the rally,
whether in tents or campervans. 
Some slept in vehicles that
were not exactly "micro":


Individual Cars:


35   Berkeley Foursomes


Bond Minicars, Marks D, G, D ...

...D, G, G, G ...

... A ...

... G, G, F, A ...

... and G again. (The AA didn't really)


Journalist and broadcaster
 Andy Kershaw gets a ride in
the 1951 Bond, while making a
Radio 4 documentary
on British microcars.

Bond Bug

A Brütsch Mopetta, here looking very much bigger than it actually is!



Saloon ...


..."large" estate ...


... and coupé 4

Andreas Engel drove this car to the rally from Germany, winning the "longest run to the rally" award.
See the
story of his trip

Heinkel & Trojan

An early example, with wrap-around rear window and faired-in headlamps

The Isetta's big brother: BMW 600


(The more powerful 4-wheel versions are the "Tiger" models.)


1950s Mochet



Peel 50




AC Petite


Reliant Rebel


Mark 1

Mark 1 (and a Peel)

Mark 1

Mark 2

Mark 2

We'll be adding more photos and details here, as they come in - pop back and check on progress!

Pictures from the Road Runs:

Fish & Chips at the seaside on Friday evening


At the Great Yarmouth Potteries:



On the Seafront at Great Yarmouth:



On Reedham Ferry:



Out on the Road:



At Wroxham Barns:


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Last updated 21-December-2015