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The 2011 NMCR - Photo Gallery
         - Some of the cars seen at the 2011 Rally in Calne

The National MicroCar Rally 2011 was organised by Jeff Ellis and the Bug Club, running from 1-4 September 2011, based at the Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum in Calne, Wiltshire.

The Saturday Road Run took the cars on a 50-mile 'treasure hunt' tour of the local area, with stops in the interesting villages of Lacock, Castle Coombe and Avebury. 

This year's photos (below) show many of the cars attending.  We had the biggest turnout for quite some years - a total of 163 microcars present at the show day on Sunday.

The weather was great - and people had FUN!

Shown below are many of the 163 microcars present at the 2011 NMCR, - but not all of them.  If you have photos of any that we've missed (taken at the rally, please) - let us know!

Some aren't named - and others may be misnamed!  If you can fill in or correct the details then, again, do let us know!

Two cars from Germany, at the Waggon and Horses pub, near Avebury
A well-packed field:

These 3 photos: Paul Bussey



BMW 600

BMW 700

Bond Bugs

(A very good display - but then the Bug Club was running the Rally!)

Photo:  Paul Bussey

^One with a surfeit of wheels!

The one seen on the >
TV programme
"Wheeler Dealers"

Bond Minicars

^ A Mark 'F' Ranger (van), yet to be
   restored to its former glory.






Topolino (rare convertible)







Heinkels and Trojans




Photo: Paul Bussey



- en masse!  

Photo: Paul Bussey



Weinsburg Coupe - an NSU/Fiat!

Other rarities



Snuggy "All Car"


Nissan Pao

Suzuki Cappuccino ...

... and another






Mather Pantoufle

Argson Stanley "invalid carriage" (electric)

Invacar (2-stroke)

Lambretta 125 van

Brutsch Mopetta



And ... the Allard Clipper.  Perhaps the most oddly-advertised car, ever!  (See size comparison, below)


Trident (two seater!)

Peel 50 prototype (note the single front wheel configuration)

Peel 50

Reproduction "Peel 50" - actually a Bamby and brand new!






Vespa 400

Ape van

And for those who didn't know: Vespa is Italian for 'wasp';
 Ape (pronounced "ah-peh") means 'bee'!


2011 Results!

And of course, at the end of the rally, the votes were counted and trophies presented to the winners in each category:

Category Award Winning Car Model Owner And, in closing the Rally, the organisers paid tribute to the work of Tony Marshall, Malcolm Thomas and Jean Hammond, who were the Rally's original organising team following Tony's inaugural rally in 1975. 

The three of them went on to host several NMCRs and are still actively involved in the Microcar movement today.

This 2011 Rally, though, brought them together again for the first time in several years.  We're all grateful to them for what they started!

Jean, Tony and Malcolm

Berkeley Enthusiasts Club


1st JON 355 B105 Neil Barber
2nd 2243 HJ Foursome Bill Toyer


1st TMO 709 T60 Ian Parris
2nd LFO 422 T60 Phil Tetley


1st 957 UXR B105 Guy Stallard
2nd BSJ 144 Sports Brian Giles
Bug Club 1st HAK 972N Bug Robin Howels
2nd DAX 560K Bug Patrick Devaney
3rd KAY 773L Bug Bernard Heidschuster
Used & Abused FGU 997J Bug Ivan Smith
Modified EGX 980J Bug Roger Webb
Furthest Distance BRL 419K Bug Terry Horwell
Bond Owners Club 1st 819 NPG Mk F Estate Terry Day
2nd CDP 360C Mk G Tourer David Miller
3rd 269 HBF Mk G Estate Derek Cole
Heinkel Trojan Club 1st 3917 KP Trojan Charles Owens
2nd 309 UFC Trojan Jason Heather
3rd YJY 374 Trojan Barrie Allen

Distance Award

309 UFC Trojan Jason heather
Messerschmitt Owners Club 1st XLJ 285 TG500 Malcolm & Sheila Thomas
2nd 675 TYD KR200 Perry Olds
3rd XAM 753 KR200 Richard Brown
Isetta Owners Club 1st 6911 PO Isetta 300 Dave Watson
2nd 321 FRT Isetta 300 Lee Turnham
3rd 455 HON Isetta 300 Tony Shepherd

Spirit Award

WYL 41 BMW 600 Alan Town
Reliants 1st C374 ANC Fox Malcolm Dodd
2nd G999 MVO Rialto Van Marc Townsend
3rd E948 HPF Rialto David Hemsley
Fiats 1st JAJ 465E 500 Christine Anderson
2nd YAE 646J 500 Rob West
3rd KPE 967 Topolino Steve Denning
Metal Class 1st ONW 122B Weinsburg Coupe Roger & Janet Westcott
2nd OJG 365 Goggomobil Coupe Mike O'Ballance
3rd TAY 480 Goggomobil Coupe John Bannell
Plastic Class 1st EME 583B Peel 50 Andy Carter
2nd 859 DMA Frisky Sport John Meadows
3rd E270 DMR Trabant Peter  Richardson
Modern Class 1st N500 EAB smart Simon Balistrari
2nd YX11 HZM Bamby P50 Alan & Emma Evans
3rd L82 LEC Suzuki Cappuccino Alan Turley
Concours de Grot B640 URH Bamby Stuart Cyphus
Best in show - People's Choice SCX 615G Fiat Gamine Pat Jevons
Spirit of The National Award Jenny Dilks

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