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The 2010 NMCR - Photo Gallery
         - Some of the cars seen at the 2010 Rally in Malvern

The National MicroCar Rally 2010 was organised by Nick Haddon & Ray Dilks, on behalf of the Heinkel Trojan Club, and took place from 2-5 September 2010, based at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Microcars in great numbers headed off on road runs around the picturesque Malvern hills and took a trip to the Morgan Motor company.

This year's photos (below) show just some of the cars attending.  The weather for the first three days was excellent and we had a great turnout, involving some particularly rare cars this year - and a simply stunning collection of Friskys! (See below.)

If you have photos of cars we've missed from the 2010 NMCR, or if you can correct anything we've misnamed - let us know!
Did you get any shots of the micros out and about in the Malvern countryside?  If so, can we show them, please?



Berkeleys, assorted

BMW 700

Bond Bugs - including one with 4 wheels, and two with matching camping trailers!

Brütsch Rollera

Just 8 were originally made by Brütsch, then a small number under licence by Air Tourist Sàrl of Paris.

Bond Mark G - Tourer and Estates

Fiat 126 - saloon and soft-top

Fiat 126 Soft-top conversion

Fiat Topolino - a very rare soft-top version

- and this year there were 13 - yes thirteen! - Friskys
gathered together.
A remarkable achievement for such a rare car, and quite possibly the highest
number gathered together since they were in production, back in 1958-61.

A Frisky ready for a bit of care and attention ...

... and one showing just how good it could look again

Goggomobil Transporter

Heinkel/Trojan getting a lift to the rally

Invacar Mk 8 - of 1952, apparently, so not as ancient as it looks!




NSU Prinzes

Reliant Fox

Reliant Robin


Vespa 400


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Last updated 21-December-2015