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The 2009 NMCR - Photo Gallery
         - Some of the cars seen at the 2009 Rally in Ripon

The National MicroCar Rally 2009 was organised by the Micro Maniacs Club, and took place from 4-6 September 2009, based at the Ripon Racecourse in Yorkshire.
Road runs on both the Friday and the Saturday took streams of microcars into and around the Yorkshire Dales - including some notorious hills that had even the drivers of "ordinary" cars doing a double take.  There were no tales of microcars left out there on the Dales, though, so all must have made it!

This year's photos (below) show just some of the cars attending.  With the fine, though windy, weather, we had a particularly strong turnout. 

(You can also see Pete Crouch's photos of the rally on his photobucket pages)

If you have photos of cars we've missed from the 2009 NMCR,  or if you can correct anything we've misnamed - let us know!
We're particularly keen to have some shots of the micros out and about  in the splendid scenery of the Yorkshire Dales - Can you help?

[Photos marked * courtesy of Sam Glover of Practical Classics]

                                The line-up on Show day



Berkeleys, assorted

BMX 600*


Bond Bugs - including a 4-wheeler

Bugs in a row*
Camping Trailers

Bond Minibyke and Minicar Mk F

Bond Mk C and Mk G Tourer

Bond Mk Gs - Tourer and Estate

Bond Mk G interior*

Camping at the racecourse venue

Citroën Bijou

Contenders in the "Other, Metal" class

Contenders in the "Other, Plastic" class

Frisky - ultimately voted Car of the Show
(and simply gorgeous)


Goggomobil Coupé

Goggomobil Saloon







More Isettas

Well-travelled Isetta*


Lambretta - with unusual forward cargo hold (which is NOT what it says on the number plate!)

Lifetime Achievement Award - being received by Grenville Taylor, on behalf of Tony Marshall

Messerschmitts lead off for a road run





Modern "pods" - one very powerful (and one not!)

Nobel (between Scootacar and Reliant)

NSU Prinz

Three Peels together

A half-restored Peel Trident (in a very literal way!)

How very tempting it must be to just buff up the other half!

Raleigh Super Seven

Reliant Foxes*

Cars visiting "The Lost Corner" while out on a road run

Happy Roadrunners



Show Day

Show Day

Show Day*




Some of this year's winners:

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Last updated 21-December-2015