The National MicroCar Rally

Britain's biggest Microcar event

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The National MicroCar Rally - Britain's biggest Microcar event

National MicroCar Rally 2019

The National MicroCar Rally administrators are looking for an organiser for the 2019 rally. This could be a club, a group of enthusiasts or an individual who wants to take on the organisation of this annual event.

Full details of what is involved can be found on this link.

The owners of Sycamore Farm; the venue for this year’s most successful NMCR have indicated it is available in September 2019 should the organiser(s) need a site.

Full backing and support is provided and as well as the upfront costs. There are a number of ‘volunteers’ who are willing to help out with aspects of the rally in advance and over the rally period as well as the three Administrators who will provide all the support required.

Do you have what it takes to organise the 45th NMCR? If so contact the Administrators via the website or telephone Grant on 07905 886417 by 15 February 2019 at the latest, but sooner if possible.

AC Cars

A.C. Sociable

The 'Pioneer of Cyclecars', the 631cc AC "Sociable" first appeared back in 1908. The company that manufactured that car went through several permutations before it put another three-wheeler on the market in 1953. The AC Petite, promised "a comfort and style hitherto unknown in a small car", though not much more than it's predecessor. Nevertheless, over 2000 AC Petites were sold before production ended in 1957. Five examples gathered for a rally in 2018, and if you're fortunate enough to have one, you'll be very welcome at our next NMCR.