The National MicroCar Rally

Britain's biggest Microcar event

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The National MicroCar Rally - Britain's biggest Microcar event


The 2020 National MicroCar Rally

You will be pleased to hear that the NMCR will be taking place in September with whatever government recommendations are in place at the time. I have had confirmation from the campsite that it is now open. Road runs may be not quite what we are used to as it's very difficult to organise when everything has been closed. I still hope to make it as varied and interesting as possible.

My greatest concern is whether enough of you out there are going to attend. I have had some bookings but nowhere near enough to make running the rally viable. We need to be able to at least break even over the weekend and some indication of whether this is likely would be very helpful. I would hate to think we would have to cancel due to lack of numbers, though I understand some people may be reluctant to socialise even at a distance.

It is not clear yet if we will be able to open to the public on the Sunday which is when a lot of costs can be recouped. Please can you all send in booking forms if you are going to attend so we have an idea of numbers.

Thank you. Alison McCarthy

The 2020 NMCR will be based at Lower Lacon Caravan Park, Wem, Shropshire SY4 5RP


Please complete and return this form to Alison McCarthy. 1 Windmill Meadow Wem Shrewsbury Shropshire SY45YH or send full details by email by clicking here.

Any bookings prior to the 9th need to be made direct with Lower Lacon Caravan Park.


The event will formally start from 4:30 on Wednesday the 9th September through until final departures on Monday 14th at 11am. Earlier arrivals are welcomed and encouraged to attend Wem Carnival the previous weekend. N.B Check their website for latest link here

Updates here will be made as soon as possible, but for the latest, please visit the NMCR Facebook page. Facebook link here

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