The National MicroCar Rally

Britain's biggest Microcar event

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The National MicroCar Rally - Britain's biggest Microcar event

The 2020 National MicroCar Rally

The NMCR Administrators are delighted to announce that the 2020 NMCR will be organised by Alison McCarthy of the Heinkel Trojan Club and will be based again at Lower Lacon Caravan Park, Wem, Shropshire SY4 5RP, website link here

This brilliant venue was first used for the 2016 NMCR which Alison organised.
The event will formally start from 4:30 on Wednesday the 9th September through until final departures on Monday 14th at 11am. Earlier arrivals are welcomed and encouraged to attend Wem Carnival the previous weekend. Bookings prior to the 9th need to be made direct with Lower Lacon Caravan Park.
Alison is currently working on the details and regular updates will be made here and on the NMCR Facebook page. Facebook link here

The 2019 NEC Classic Motor Show

Once again we joined our friends in the Microcar world with our own display at the NEC Classic Motor Show.

Amongst the gems in our display, perhaps the most unusual was the pick-up version of the Nobel 200. This design was first manufactured as a modified version of the Fuldamobil S6 in Germany in 1956. It found few takers, but the design found favour with York Noble, when he took out a licence to sell and manufacture Fuldamobil vehicles worldwide.

The pick-up was announced for the British market in 1958 as a do-it-yourself van, which would be sold in kit form for just over £150 or fully built for £269. The vehicle was renamed the Nobel 200 Vicky to broaden its appeal. The idea behind offering the vehicles in kit form was to reduce the amount of tax payable and thus reduce the purchase price, but it quickly became apparent that the taxman wasn’t in favour of such enterprise, the optimistic purchase price quickly escalated and the merits of delivering kits rather than complete cars diminished.

From February 1959, the Nobel 200 saloon was built in Northern Ireland. Plans to produce the pick-up remained frozen until August that year when an agreement was reached with the Fairey Aviation Company to produce this model in Stockport. By the time production commenced, the Nobel company was in severe difficulties and the pick-ups were never sold on the open market. The number produced is unknown, but was certainly less than 100 and this is one of less than a handful of survivors.

The 2019 NEC Classic Motor Show

You can enjoy a brief glimpse of our display at the following link. NEC Classic Car Show 2019

Or go to our NEC show page to see our stand in this and previous years by clicking here.